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ChurchCast provides the most advanced communication tool for churches to keep in touch with members in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  Voice messages, text to speech, enhanced e-mail with uploads up to 100 Mbs, and SMS text messages – in addition to social media connections – all can be delivered at rapid speed.

This affordable tool makes sending updates, reminders, prayer requests, notices, and alerts convenient and simple.

Reach everyone…or targeted groups, where users can be easily added, edited, and removed.

TRUE Text Messaging!

ChurchCast uses true SMS text messaging, not "SMTP" or "email-based" text messaging as many companies do. This is important because only SMS text messages are truly supported by the cellular networks – SMTP messages merely "piggyback" on the cellular networks with the lowest delivery priority, no way to ensure the messages are in fact received, and have a low reliability and deliver ability rating.

Targeted Messaging

ChurchCast is able to send messages to everyone in your database…or just select groups of people. There are an unlimited number of groups for the client to customize and place people into – ministries, Sunday school classes, outreach ministries, youth groups by grade, etc.

ChurchCast delivers targeted messaging options to all of these groups and our flexible "user permissions" options ensure that only those members of the church staff – or those granted security permissions – are able to send messages to those within their authorized groups.

How It Works

There are three main components to the ChurchCast rapid communication system:

First, there’s the Web-based portion. This is where account administrators can launch (or schedule) voice, enhanced e-mail, and SMS text alerts/messages – as well as view results. Account details can be easily monitored. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds) can be established in connection with ChurchCast. And a variety of reports and targeted groups can be created, modified, and shared. Best of all, ChurchCast is a fully-hosted, Web-based notification product so there’s no additional hardware or software to buy!

Secondly, the ChurchCast Mobile Command Center is a FREE app developed specifically facility managers and security teams to launch (or schedule) alerts and messages directly from a variety of cellular and wireless technologies, including Apple and Android. The built-in translation feature makes it visually easy to preview any notices before being sent. Also, all sent alerts and messages can be monitored from within the app.

Lastly, there’s the ChurchCast Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system. Voice alerts are launched from anywhere in the world by using any cellular or landline telephone and the ChurchCast toll-free  phone number. Send audio alerts to everyone in your church’s database or limit to targeted groups.

All three components of the ChurchCast system make it easy and effective for you to stay in touch with your targeted publics.


Communicate with all church members or to targeted groups; such as youth groups, Sunday school classes, outreach ministries, and much more.

With ChurchCast, importing your data is a snap. ChurchCast fully integrates with a variety of databases and software applications that your church may already use. Additionally, churches may choose to allow members to gain access to the ChurchCast Dashboard. Here, users can update and add their individual contacts and contact information. Doing so, also allows church members to share in the responsibility of data accuracy. The ChurchCast Dashboard also provides members with the ability to view and retrieve any time/date stamped alert or message sent to them.

Additionally, churches of all sizes will appreciate the ChurchCast bundled pricing option. For a low monthly price, churches can send a set amount of voice and text messages. Unused messages simply roll over to the next month and adding new messages or upgrading your package is easy.

Also, ChurchCast comes complete with its own Weather Monitor feature that’s linked to the National Weather Service. Create and send specific weather alerts based on geographic area and conditions that you choose.

Quickly stay in touch with members by sending surveys, prayer requests, schedule changes, and important news and information.  Plus, with ChurchCast, there’s no additional hardware or software to buy – and no hidden fees.

Key Features

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Mobile Apps

ChurchCast works with…

ChurchCast Mobile Command Center
  • ChurchCast is a wonderful and easy system that allows us to get information to our congregation almost instantly with just one phone call. Unlike some products, there’s no equipment to buy with ChurchCast – which is a big advantage."

    Reverend Ronnie M.
    Harrell's Chapel Original Free Will Baptist

  • Our church has started using Church Cast as a way to send mass communication. We are very pleased with the ease of the system, response time of customer service reps, and the relationship built with our account manager. In a time of emergency when we needed to send information out to thousands of people within minutes, Church Cast gave us that. It is a great communication tool that has been an asset to our organization."

    Michelle B.
    Administrative Coordinator - Business Operations
    Faith Chapel Christian Center

  • ChurchCast has been phenomenal for our church. It has opened our doors of communications greatly! The flexibility of being able to send church-wide messages from anywhere at any time , we couldn’t ask for better!"

    Amy S.
    Director of Children's and Communications Ministries
    Gardendale Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church

  • CChurchCast allows us to send reminders of meetings to each group we create and only that group. We can also send prayer notices, hospital updates, and information about deaths long before they reach our local newspaper. If you want a system to communicate with your work, church, or any group that is easy to use and very reasonable in price then you will love ChurchCast!"

    Reverend Ronnie M.
    Harrell's Chapel Original Free Will Baptist


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