RapidCast Mobile Command Center

The RapidCast Mobile Command Center™ provides on-the-go access to their RapidCast™ account ... and more.

The RapidCast Mobile Command Center is an exclusive addition to the RapidCast product line. It's a specially developed mobile app for mall administrator designed to launch alerts and messages directly from a variety of cellular and wireless technologies, including Apple (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and Android.

That means voice, text-to-speech, Email, and/or SMS text messages can be launched and monitored
at a moments notice without being tethered to a computer.

Whether it's an emergency when every second counts, or just a routine reminder or notice, now you can reach everyone – or specific target groups – all from within the RapidCast Mobile Command Center app!

  • Launch and schedule voice, text-to-speech, Email, and SMS text messages directly from the mobile app!
  • Set call and priority levels
  • Translate text-to-speech alerts and messages into one of five languages
  • Translate Email and SMS text messages into one of more than 100 languages
  • Push graphics and video directly to intended recipients
  • View alert details and monitor results