SchoolCast For Me

The SchoolCast for Me app provides a unique, convenient, and easy way for educators to communicate and share a wide variety of content with students, parents, teachers, staff – all members of their school’s community. It works in conjunction with the SchoolCast Rapid Communication System to deliver news and information directly to Smart phones and Tablets.

TRUE Text Messaging!

SchoolCast uses true SMS text messaging, not "SMTP" or "email-based" text messaging as many companies do. This is important because only SMS text messages are truly supported by the cellular networks – SMTP messages merely "piggyback" on the cellular networks with the lowest delivery priority, no way to ensure the messages are in fact received, and have a low reliability and deliver ability rating.

Targeted Messaging

SchoolCast is able to send messages to your entire school community or just select groups of people. There are an unlimited number of groups available for the client to customize and place people into – school sites, campus "zones", vocational vs. traditional students, athletic teams, bands, clubs, etc.

SchoolCast delivers targeted messaging options to all of these groups and our flexible "user permissions" options ensure that only those members of the school staff (or others that the school designates) are able to send messages to those within their authorized groups (i.e. the football coach can't accidentally send a "practice is cancelled" message to the entire school population).

How It Works

Content can be shared through the SchoolCast for Me™ app by using the Admin Portal on the SchoolCast™ Web site. Additionally, information on your District’s or Schools’ Web sites can be automatically integrated with (and displayed through) SchoolCast for Me app in “real time”. 


In-App calling and emailing capabilities enable your school community to easily keep in touch with those at the District’s Central Office or their children’s individual Schools.  This facilitates parent/teacher communication and improves the overall education experience for everyone in the school community.

In-App sharing enables users to easily let others know about important events, news, or reminders via eMail, Facebook, Twitter, and SMS/text messages.  This “inside communication” increases the engagement and participation with the students’ family members and friends, informing them of ways they can help the students and their schools.

Key Features

Inform Your School Community…
The categories of information that can be shared include:

    • News
    • Events
    • Calendars
    • Documents & Forms
    • Maps & Real-Time Directions
    • Contact Information and “Live Directories”
    • Nutrition Information & Menus
    • Photos & Videos
    • Live Twitter Feeds

Mobile Apps

SchoolCast For Me