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SportsCast provides your team or sporting organization with the most advanced communication support available. Within moments a coach – or sports administrator – can reach all team members, parents, support staff and others about an important message. All with just one call.

Messages can be sent from a remote connection to everyone in your contact list or limited to select individuals with predefined groups. Using a PC or Smart phone with Internet access, expands your options to include voice messages, text to speech, enhanced e-mail with uploads up to 100 Mbs, and
SMS text messages – in addition to social media connections – all can be delivered at rapid speed.

TRUE Text Messaging!

SportsCast uses true SMS text messaging, not "SMTP" or "email-based" text messaging as many companies do. This is important because only SMS text messages are truly supported by the cellular networks – SMTP messages merely "piggyback" on the cellular networks with the lowest delivery priority, no way to ensure the messages are in fact received, and have a low reliability and deliver ability rating.

Targeted Messaging

SportsCast is able to send messages to everyone in your database…or just select groups of people. There are an unlimited number of groups for the client to customize and place people into – teams, clusters, positions, etc.

SportsCast delivers targeted messaging options to all of these groups and our flexible "user permissions" options ensure that only those members of the sports staff – or those granted security permissions – are able to send messages to those within their authorized groups.

How It Works

There are two main components of the SportsCast rapid communication system. At the center is the SportsCast Web-based software. This is where account administrators can launch (or schedule) voice, enhanced e-mail, and SMS text alerts/messages – as well as view results. Account details can be easily monitored. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds) can be established in connection with SportsCast. Plus, SportsCast is a fully-hosted, Web-based notification product so there’s no additional hardware or software to buy!

Then there’s the SportsCast Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system. Voice alerts are launched from anywhere in the world by using any cellular or landline telephone and the SportsCast toll-free  phone number. Send audio alerts to everyone in your Sports team’s (or organization’s) database or limit to targeted groups that you control.

Both components of the SportsCast system make it easy and effective for you to stay in touch with your targeted publics.


Send alerts and messages within moments.

  • Cancelled practices
  • Weather emergencies
  • Team member injuries
  • Change in game location
  • Registration reminders
  • Much, much more!

Communicate with all team members or to targeted groups, which you create and control.

With SportsCast, importing your data is a snap. Most data formats are easily accepted and uploaded within minutes.  

Also, SportsCast comes complete with its own Weather Monitor feature that’s linked to the National Weather Service. Create and send specific weather alerts based on geographic area and conditions that you choose.

Quickly stay in touch with team members by sending surveys, schedule changes, and important news and information. 

Plus, with SportsCast, there’s no additional hardware or software to buy – and no hidden fees.

Key Features

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  • The Dayton Youth Baseball has benefited from the SportsCast system tremendously. Being able to announce cancellations or changes to the scheduling has made the job much easier and less time consuming. Contacting coaches and players is just one call. We can also group the kids by team. It's a big time-saver."

    Chris R.
    Former President & Senior Executive Board Member
    Dayton Youth Baseball