TestPoint is an on-line software system to help Christian schools with academic student assessment.

TestPoint is an automated, Web-based tool that provides Christian schools with time- and cost-efficient student assessments (Language, Reading, and Mathematics) for grades K-12.

Test questions have been researched and developed by professional educators and reflect what students should know in their current grade and based specifically on curriculum used with Christian schools.

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How It Works

TestPoint is a Web-based testing tool that helps Christian schools with the academic placement of students in grades K-12. It’s not intended to determine where to place students, but rather is a very accurate tool to assist schools in this decision. It also helps reduce the liability of the school from claims called “Failure to Educate” that are being filed by some parents and students who allege they were academically placed wrongly in the school when enrolled.

Admissions Placement Tests: Educators contend that to be effective in the delivery of instruction to students, proper academic assessment should take place whenever students enroll in schools. Placement or assessment testing can help determine what students know and where they should be placed in the school. With TestPoint, schools can leave behind current methods used for academic placement. These methods range from using manual achievement tests, school-made tests, or no tests at all.

All tests can be taken on-line and on-site at your school. The content areas that are tested are: Language, Reading, and Mathematics. After completion of the tests, a score sheet is generated for the school that can be used for student placement. Each school is responsible for establishing their own academic requirements for admission.

Assessment Tests: TestPoint offers a tool for testing and assessment in Language, Reading, and Mathematics for students completing grades K-12. This tool can be used for single subject assessment, for individual students, or for entire classes.

Find out more at www.testpoint.net


  • Pre-Admission testing can help determine what students know and where they should be placed within the school.
  • With TestPoint, schools can more accurately evaluate how new students compare academically to the current academic levels in your school.
  • Having multiple tests (Language, Reading, and Mathematics) and a wide range of grades (K-12) helps provide a clearer picture of a student’s abilities.
  • With the TestPoint system, tests are scored immediately and are instantly available for review.
Find out more at www.testpoint.net
  • Testpoint has been a valuable tool in our admissions process. The test accurately evaluates students in a convenient format and reports their achievement according to our academic standards."

    Travis M.
    Hilltop Christian School

  • The Academic Testing Competition Program from TestPoint has been a huge blessing to TOCS! Our administrative team loves the ATCP because it has saved our organization valuable time and resources, and our members appreciate the ATCP because it's easy to use. I could not be more pleased with this program, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to your organization!"

    Matt T.
    Texas Organization of Christian Schools (TOCS)

  • The test ordering was easy, and the instructions for helping students log on and take the test were very clear. I think our students enjoyed taking the tests online. I know I enjoyed not having to copy and mail tests and answers back."

    Georgia Association of Christian Schools

  • My students said it was faster, and they liked how easy it was to make changes to answers before submitting the test. One student pointed out that when she had to make corrections using the previous system, she always worried whether or not she had erased an answer well enough so that there would be no misunderstanding. She loved the fact that there were no erasures involved with the new system."

    Georgia Association of Christian Schools

  • Our students loved the online testing and so did I. The students seem to have no problems navigating the sections and I loved the process of not having to mail anything back to be hand graded. Thumbs up on the online testing!!! Hope to have more participate next year!"

    Georgia Association of Christian Schools

  • I thought it was great!! It was very easy to navigate. I didn’t have to copy each test in case they got lost in the mail. I didn’t have to mail them! As far as I am concerned, all pluses!!"

    Georgia Association of Christian Schools

  • We liked using online Testpoint. It was convenient to use, not to mention one less trip to the Post Office to mail the test back to be graded."

    Georgia Association of Christian Schools

  • Every response that I received from my schools was positive. They enjoyed the ease of administrating the tests. Service from TestPoint was professional and timely. Our participation increased and it was easy to administer."

    Michael B. Ed.D.
    Executive Director
    Georgia Association of Christian Schools

  • Trimont Christian Academy LOVES TestPoint! Using Testpoint has streamlined our enrollment process. The students take the test, parents know exactly where their child places academically before they enter our school…no surprises later in the year!!"

    Renee V.
    Trimont Christian Academy

  • My son was able to take this test with ease and comfort. He has ADHD and Aspergers and this test is given in a format he was able to handle with no complications. I have suggested this service to many others."

    Home School Mom

  • TestPoint is very convenient, affordable, and easy to use. The testing format is very understandable and the results come back quickly. I would recommend TestPoint to any school for entrance and evaluation testing."

    Brent F.
    Crosspointe Christian Academy

  • TestPoint is a useful tool that shows teachers specific areas where incoming students need help or the areas in which the students excel. TestPoint also has enabled our school to see deficiencies in Preschool program that needed to be addressed to help our upcoming K students. Thanks, TestPoint!!"

    Renee V.
    Trimont Christian Academy

  • TestPoint has been an excellent tool for us at Providence Academy. It's a great product with wonderful customer service. TestPoint has made assessment testing easily accessible and reliable. Because of TestPoint, our admissions process has been streamlined with fast and accurate testing scores that are available immediately. I would recommend TestPoint to any school that is looking for a true 'snapshot' of where a student is academically."

    Kathy W.
    Elementary Administration
    Assistant to the Principal
    Providence Academy

  • Our school has been using TestPoint as an entrance exam for about four years. It has been a great tool in assessing new students entering our school to verify that they could meet the academic challenges in our classrooms. It has also proven to be advantageous to these student's parents to see in what areas their child may be weak or may be excelled. It shows our prospective families that we take seriously the academic standing of all the students in our school. This online test has proven to be very valuable to our school."

    Belinda C.
    Elementary Principal
    Trinity Christian School