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Implementing leading edge communication solutions

About US

Since 2005

Improving Direct Communication

High Ground Solutions was founded in 2005 to help our clients improve direct communication. Since that time, we’ve expanded our product lines from mass and targeted notification systems to the development of online testing solutions.

Our goal is to help our clients reach the “high ground” in their respective communities and better fulfill their mission from this valuable and strategic position.

HGS develops and implements leading edge communication solutions for multiple industries including Business/Corporate, Education, Government, Ministry, Nonprofits, Shopping Malls, and more. Plus, online testing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support does High Ground Solutions offer its customers?

Training is available over the web, telephone, and on-site based on our client’s needs and preferences.

Online help and documentation is available throughout our applications.
Customer Support is available 24/7/365 days a year.

When Can I send out alerts and services?

You can distribute messages to your contacts whenever you like. Our system is designed to operate securely “24/7/365”, allowing our clients access to the system whenever they need it. That is especially important when an emergency situation arises.

Can I send a message from a remote or do I have to use my office computer?

One of the great advantages of our cloud-based family of products is that you can send messages from any land-line or cell-phone from any location, at any time. You can also send messages using any web-connected computer worldwide.

What is the typical implementation/start-up process?

Getting started is quick and simple because there is no hardware or software to install. The entire system is cloud-based and operates off of our secure network of servers.

Our implementation team guides you each step of the way! From populating our systems with your contact data, training your staff on the operation and usage of our system, reviewing “best practices” and “business decisions” your organization should consider in using our technology to its greatest benefit, to ensure that you are comfortable with delivering your messages and alerts to your audience – we are there to help you!

What type of standard does HGS with to make sure we are meeting industry & government standards and producing a highly effective line of products?

Our privacy standards meet or exceed all applicable federal and state regulations regarding the management, security, and maintenance of school related data (COPPA, FERPA).

No personal information about our clients is ever shared with any third party without the Client’s specific written permission.

High Ground Solutions agrees and promises that the data acquired from the Client will only be used for the operation of its communication products and any other services provided by High Ground Solutions specifically requested and approved by the Client.

High Ground Solutions never uses or disseminates or shares in any way whatsoever client information or data with any other third party or individual unless specified in writing by the Client.

It is the responsibility of High Ground Solutions to ensure that the confidentiality and security of the data is maintained at all times, whether in transit or stored on computers

How do the High Ground Solutions Products Cost?

Our product costs are based on the size and structure of the client’s organization, the number of recipients in our client’s messaging universe, the product suite and features selected by our clients, and the type of training and implementation services chosen. We will personally explain our package of services and fees to you after we have had an opportunity to identify the solution that addresses all of your needs.

Communications and Online Testing Solutions.

Reach the high ground and better fulfill your mission from our valuable and strategic position.


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High Ground Solutions is proud to offer church software products in partnership with easyTithe for Online Giving SoftwareProtect My Ministry for Church Background Checks, and FellowshipOne for Church Management Software.