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We’ve found the MallCast system a great benefit to our tenants to provide a conduit for instant communication to our more than 170 tenants. It’s been used for a wide range of activities from snow emergencies to mall-wide events. We really appreciate having such an easy to use web-based tool that we can be accessed from anywhere and keep our tenants informed.

Steve, Sr. General Manager
Christiana Mall

Mall Cast is a great tool. Like all tools, it is only as good as the person using it. We use Mall Cast at two malls. Usage was slow to begin with, but each time we used it, or didn’t — but should have — the directors gradually began to see the value of it. As a result, I’ve seen usage increase over the year.

Barry, General Manager
CBL & Associates Management, Inc.

The Dayton Youth Baseball has benefited from the SportsCast system tremendously. Being able to announce cancellations or changes to the scheduling has made the job much easier and less time-consuming. Contacting coaches and players is just one call. We can also group the kids by team. It’s a big time-saver.

Chris, Former President & Senior Executive Board Member
Dayton Youth Baseball

As a company with a presence in several counties, we needed the capability to have polygon-based weather alerts to notify various offices and staff of severe weather inbound to their location. RapidCast created a Weather Monitor product that allowed us to configure these alerts to staff. We are able to reach people via SMS messages or phone calls with these alerts, automatically, quickly, and without any action on our part. We also use the system to make outbound announcements of either pre-recorded or ad-hoc messages, such as meeting reminders and special notifications. It’s a real time-saver in emergency situations, allowing our switchboard operators to make one call to generate many calls to staff, instead of having to make each of these calls themselves. The ability to check delivery of the messages online gives us instant feedback on who’s received the messages.

George, Director of Information Systems
Tanner Health Services

After the tornado outbreak of April 2011, we began to search for different methods of mass communication to our employees. We found RapidCast and began researching the benefits of having a mass communication system for our company. The implementation process was extremely easy and the support from RapidCast personnel was great! The endless options available for grouping and alerting personnel was extremely helpful in eliminating the need for pagers. If you are looking for a communication tool, with great support personnel a phone call away, I would recommend RapidCast!

Mike, Assistant Manager Human Resources
Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc.

Rapid Cast has proven to be a very helpful tool allowing us to communicate with our customers and employees. When circumstances arise we can advise them when we are experiencing electric outages, water line breaks, street closings or emergencies, etc. We also send out announcements to advise of special meetings or events within the community. We signed up with High Ground Solutions (RapidCast) a year ago and have been pleased with the service we have received and the ongoing support that is available.”

Pam S.
Wagoner Public Works Authority
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