Good communication is important for any business or organization. But how do you ensure that all employees are receiving the updates and information they need when they need it? Instant mass text communication, like the RapidCast notification system from High Ground Solutions, is a leading-edge software tool that allows businesses, nonprofits, and corporations to communicate directly with employees.

The RapidCast Business Notification System equips business leaders with mass and targeted messaging to successfully manage crisis situations, events, scheduling, employee communication, and more, all from one powerful solution.

JBS Foods and RapidCast

JBS Foods is a global, diversified protein company creating delicious products for customers and consumers around the world. They have over 70,000 employees worldwide. However, only 10-12,000 have computer access, so JBS needed a way to reach everybody. They use RapidCast’s mass text communication to contact employees at the various plants, some of which have 3,500 employees.

They were originally using posters and in-house monitors to communicate to the employees in the plants. However, that did not work very well. So they switched to RapidCast to be able to update employees about initiatives, announcements, shift changes, or urgent alerts.

Our team at High Ground Solutions connected with Joe Carnival, head of HR operations for JBS Foods, to see how RapidCast has impacted their communications over the past five years. The entire case study will be available soon. Be sure to check back!

Instant Mass Messaging Saves the Day

In 2021, JBS Foods suffered a ransomware attack that forced the company to shut down its networks, locking them out from communicating with employees via email or other traditional ways.

Joe said, “That’s when our IT team asked if I think we could use RapidCast for this. Fortunately, with RapidCast, our employment data is refreshed daily so we had all our employee information readily available. As a result, our executives were able to communicate with our employees and that was critical to the situation.”

Communicate Effectively

RapidCast enables quick, effective, mass communication. This is essential for businesses and helps to create a safe, positive, and engaged workplace culture. Joe mentioned that one of the perks is that “as an employer, you can now communicate with all employees in the same way without asking them to download an app, log in, or require any additional software.”

If you’re ready to communicate directly with employees with an easier, more affordable solution, RapidCast will allow you to send text, voice, and email messages in an instant. Contact us today to get started with mass messaging for your company!