You don’t have to search very hard to discover that the nation is in a staffing shortage. Your business might even be experiencing a lack of labor. People are being paid to apply to jobs because employers are having such a difficult time filling positions. So, what’s the solution? One method is to use text recruiting software for employee hiring opportunities.

A recent study from the Society for Human Resources Management found that 90% of recruiters are struggling to fill open positions. On top of all of that, nearly half of the businesses surveyed said that they’ve seen an increase in the number of applicants failing to reply for an interview.

Businesses use a variety of channels for their recruiting process, including phone calls, email, and even social media. But think about this. Which inbox has the most unread messages? Is it your email inbox, voicemails, or text messages? The vast majority of people would say their text inbox is the one with the least number of unread messages. That’s because 98% of text messages are opened and read.

Below you’ll learn more about how to use text recuiritng software and why your business should implement it.

How to Use Text Messages for Recruiting

The simplest way to use texting for recruiting is to provide a text shortcode—like JOBS—to your assigned business number. Then, when potential talent texts that number, they’ll automatically receive a link to apply for the open position. Or you can provide a link to a list of available jobs at your company along with the application.

So how do you get the shortcode in front of people so they can text it? Hand out business cards with the shortcode to drive top talent to a mobile application. Display the keyword at a career fair. Share it in your storefront or office. Post it on social media. There are multiple ways to add texting to your recruitment process.

Resource: Mass Text Communication for Businesses

Why Use Texting for the Hiring Process?

Why is texting effective? Because it meets people where they are with little effort. Their phones are always in their hand, on their desk, or in their back pocket. In fact, 90% of job seekers say it would be helpful to receive text messages during the hiring process. Along with that, click-through rates for links sent via text are about 50% compared to 2.5% with email. So, you’re more likely to have top talent actually apply through your link if it’s sent via text message.

Below are five more reasons why text recruiting software is useful for employee selection.

  1. It shortens the time-to-hire. It speeds up the process because people are more likely to respond quickly to a text message versus email.
  2. It’s more efficient for scheduling interviews. Candidates can quickly reply to your texts to set up interviews, rather than having all of your communications sitting in their email inbox or spam folder.
  3. It reduces applicant “ghosting.” Funnel people through the recruitment pipeline after they’ve applied and easily follow up with potentials.
  4. It allows recruiters to manage multiple conversations in less time. By automating the recruitment and application process, it will save valuable time.
  5. It is an efficient way to pre-screen applicants. Even before a candidate applies, you can screen potentials via text message by having them submit the required answers.

Tips for Text Recruiting

  • Communicate only what matters. Don’t blast spam.
  • Make if professional and personal.
  • Use automatic language translation.
  • Promote open positions.
  • Target your audience. Clean your contact list.
  • Let candidates opt-in for specific jobs and locations.

Check out this webinar to see how employers are filling jobs faster by using text messaging.

Text Recruiting for Your Business

When it comes to marketing your business’ open positions, you’ll want to do everything you can to get the word out. High Ground Solutions provides an ultra-reliable, mass multi-messaging solution that bundles text, voice, and email. Reach your audience any time, and communicate what matters when it matters. Use texting in your employment recruiting process. Contact us today to get started!