This year we want to work closely with you to ensure you are getting the best use of your SchoolCast system. Below is a quick list with resources to help you get the year started with a solid communication strategy complete with clean data.

Unwanted and failed messages can be the result of dirty data. Dirty data consists of old, wrong, and/or invalid contact information.

Start the new year with clean data by utilizing our services of automatic integrations, scheduled manual integrations, and/or enabled SchoolCast Dashboards — all while educating your team and school family on TCPA compliance.

  • Automatic Integrations. If we’re already integrating with your student information system, the updating process is automatic. No further action is required.
  • Manual Integrations. If you are using a manual process to update your data, we need to work together to get your SchoolCast account current.
  • SchoolCast Dashboards. The Dashboard is a private and secure webpage where your contacts can update their information, preferences, and review previously sent texts, emails, and voice messages any time they would like. Or if you would like, you can set the Dashboard as view only, meaning they could see the contact information but not be able to make changes.
  • TCPA Compliance. Abiding by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines, allows you to be proactive and confident in your school’s communication strategy. Ensuring that those you contact are interested in your school and educational goals.

Thank you for choosing SchoolCast for your mass and targeted messaging needs. Please contact us if we can help you in any way.